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About Us – a digital publication of UNEK Solutions Nig. Ltd. in collaboration with the New York-based Center for Media and Peace Initiatives (CMPI). It strives to build credibility between the news media and audiences through unique storytelling and problem-solving journalism practice. Instead of looking backward at all the problems that have plagued the news media in the internet age, the media project seeks to counter polarization, disinformation, and the gloom and doom of contemporary journalism. This solution-oriented approach to journalism practice seeks to create a symbiotic relationship between The Solutions News and the audience. Ethics, professionalism, and social responsibility will guide our editorial work and content delivery. The Solutions News team employs its editorial voice “to awaken public conscience, warn of possible dangers, and recommend a course of action.”

The online news platform practices peace journalism by rethinking adversarial journalism; striving to separate news, views, and amplifying local voices. The Solutions News joins other forces determined to use journalism to fight false news, propaganda, and misinformation. Its editorial direction will help readers to navigate the increasingly complex media ecosystem to enhance news literacy.

The Solutions News values nonviolent responses to conflict at a time the social media networks have created lots of publishers and few editors. The Solutions News brings a new dimension to journalism practice in the information age, improves journalism, and rebuilds trust in the profession. While our team does not have all the answers to a myriad of global challenges, The Solutions News aspires to apply critical journalism in seeking solutions to problems; offers informed commentary and debate on the issues affecting the world; and publishes trustworthy and informative articles for the general public with explanatory journalism on the events, discoveries, and issues that matter today.  Join us!

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