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The Innovative Power of Silence

By Henry Ukazu Are you one of those that talks often, and hardly listens? Of a truth, you are doing yourself the greatest disservice. This is because one of the most powerful arsenals any articulate mind can use to disarm anyone is silence. It is also one of the most powerful forces on planet earth. If […]

The Power of Imagination

By Henry Ukazu Success and failure start from the mind. The human mind is like a rubber, the more you stretch it, the more it expands. The human mind is like the brain, if you don’t use it, it won’t work. We all have the power to change the course of our life without allowing […]

Process is very critical in life

Life is filled with principles and once you miss out on the right principle, it will be difficult to recover from it. Imagine a student trying to solve mathematical problems, and misses the formula, he is likely to get the wrong answer. As a Law student or lawyer, before you can successfully pass your exam […]