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Biden Administration confronts supply chain disruption on sea, land

Continuing the Biden Administration’s whole-of-government approach to addressing supply chain disruptions, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Deputy Administrator Meera Joshi met with multiple transportation organizations in the Midwest this week. The meetings focused on strengthening commercial vehicle safety, bolstering truck driver availability, and improving rail-to-truck supply chain efficiencies. Truck driver retention and recruitment has […]

Baldwin gun tragedy: Crew member gave gun subject prior complaint

By GILLIAN FLACCUS and SUSAN MONTOYA BRYAN Associated Press A crew member says she has raised safety concerns in the past about the assistant director who authorities say unwittingly handed actor Alec Baldwin the prop gun that killed a cinematographer on a film set A crew member says she has raised safety concerns in the […]

Brentford complete signing of defender Zanka

Premier League clubs are permitted to conduct the purchase and sale of players during the winter and summer transfer windows. Windows were introduced as part of a compromise agreement with the European Commission about how the whole transfer system worked and how it could best preserve contractual stability for both the player and the club […]

Stable Human Cell Lines Expressing Flavivirus Virus-Like Particles (VLPs) for Vaccine, Biologics, and Diagnostic Development

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Technology Transfer Office (TTO) partners with industry, academia, non-profits, and other government agencies to transfer CDC’s research portfolio into products and services to improve public health. Flaviviruses such as Zika virus, dengue virus, West Nile virus, yellow fever virus, and Japanese encephalitis virus cause widespread illness and death […]

Investigative Journalism and Hidden Riches of Powerful Leaders

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) has once again triumphed in exposing possible corruption in high places a exposed the financial secrets and offshore dealings of dozens of heads of state, public officials, and politicians from 91 countries and territories. This time, the reporters called it “Pandora Papers.” More than 600 journalists from 150 outlets spent […]

What’s a College Degree Worth?

The imperfect science and contested methods of measuring the return on investment of college. By Scott Carlson Higher education’s data crunchers have increasingly been training their sights on the postgraduation career path. It’s an often-unpredictable trajectory shaped by students’ aspirations, talents, and backgrounds, by economic conditions, and by institutions’ effectiveness as launching pads. What can […]

Understanding Morning Market Economy By Mekki ELMOGRABI

In developing countries, granting full economic freedom to producers in their “morning markets” will put the entire economy on the right track and will eliminate illegal activities inside countries and along the tense borders. The idea is new but simple. Colors of the economy such as Green Economy, Blue Economy, White Economy, and Gray Economy […]

Creative thinking can shape your future – Dr. Zbarskaya

Dr. Olga Zbarskaya, founded the Institute of Creative Thinking based in New York. Dr. Zbarskaya, an  acclaimed author of over one hundred published works including “Brainstorm! Practice for Unrestricted Imagination and Original Thought”. Dr. Zbarskaya has developed curricula, training, and workshops for professionals and students. A recipient of several awards, Olga has featured in different […]